Sub Acute Care Facility - Shadow Board & Carer
On The Mend - Shadow Board
Shadow Board - Measure A Man By The Shadow He Casts
Mum Knows Best Sewing Machine
Domestic Pots
On The Mend, Courtyard - Sub Acute Care Facility

Percent For Art - South West Health Campus

Title: On The Mend

A Percent for Art Project for the Sub-acute Care Unit & Day Therapy Garden at the South West Health Campus.

Located at the corner of Robertson Drive and Bussell Highway, Bunbury Sub-acute Care is an interdisciplinary health practice in which therapy is driven primarily by the patient’s functional status and quality of life. The Centre cares for patients 65 yrs and over.

These artworks are designed to enhance well being by celebrating the capabilities of older Australians who were working and bringing up families during more austere times. The topics illustrate skills and practical experience which can only be gained over many years. My artworks are intended to promote discussion, jog memories and remind patients that they are knowledgeable and competent.

The sewing machine includes an illustrated plaque stating “MUM KNOWS HOW”; it may be threaded as part of a dexterity exercise.

The shadow board is captioned “MEASURE A MAN BY THE SHADOW HE CASTS” it includes the outline of tools, farm machinery and office items. Hanging from the shadow board are 3 actual garden tools for use in the courtyard.
Gardening is the most popular hobby in Australia,  my small pots contain items which should be familiar to most patients.

Materials: Stainless steel, cast alluminium & external polymer gypsum