The painting Room
Large drawing - Natural History of Neverland


Paintings Drawing & Sculptures, Opening -
Friday 9th August 6.30pm
Sat & Sun 10th & 11th 1pm - 4pm

It’s been a while and a lot of things have happened but now we are ready to welcome everyone back into Factoryette3 for a new exhibition.

Fingers crossed you will like this new collection of drawings paintings and sculptures and be reminded of some long ago exhibitions with a few old favourites hanging in the back room.

August 2019 - JF

Sculpture at Bathers- The Esplanade Hotel Sat 27th Feb - Sun 12th March 2017

Distinctively Western Australian a showcase of over 80 Western Australian Artists.

February 2017 - JF

Sculpture at Bathers Beach Hotel, The Esplanade Hotel - Saturday 25th February - Sunday 12th March 2017

Forgotten Australians

The forgotten Australians Memorial is going into storage while the new museum and precinct are completed.

The eventual site for this piece will be decided by a committee including the artist and representatives of the child migrants.

January 2017 - JF

Forgotten Australians Memorial - Children Playing
Forgotten Australians Memorial
Exhibition gallery paintings
Studio - Opening Ninght 2016

STUDIO EXHIBITION - Sat & Sun 19th & 20th Nov 2016 1pm - 4pm

Thank you to all those who attended the opening last night.

The exhibition continues today & tomorrow, Sat & Sun 19th & 20th from 1pm - 4pm.

November 2016 - JF

Trinity Primary School Scale Model
Trinity Primary School Willie Wagtail
Trinity Primary School Plaster Model


Trinity Primary School is the last % for art project on the books for 2015 and the artworks are nearing completion. Sculptures employing optical illusions, interactive sculptures and a mural for the library will all be in place by early in 2016.

I’m looking forward to a break in production and a chance to do some exhibition work in the Factoryette.

August 2015 - JF

Long Table Lunch Guests
Long Table Lunch Thank You Gift

Thank You -

To get the first Factoryette Exhibition off the ground I relied on a lot of advice and support from friends. It was amazing how many volunteered to help with even the most unglamorous jobs. Their practical assistance and good advice was essential to its success.

To show our appreciation Luc and I held a long table lunch at the Factoryette. I think a good time was had by all. Everybody left with a "Factoryette Fellow" designed as a thank you gift for the occasion.

August - 2015 JF

Mount Lawley Primary School - After the Fire
Mt Lawley Primary School - After the Fire
Mount Lawley Primary School After the Fire


In July 2012 Mount Lawley Primary School was badly damaged by fire. Some people thought it was gone forever but soon it was being repaired. Today when you look at the school you see both old and new buildings. Together they make a school which is better than ever.

These artworks are all about making something new from something old. At the completion of the project I created a book for the school which tells the story of the artworks and what happens after a fire.

You can download the book by visiting the Department of Finance website via the link below

Dept Finance Percent for Art

July - 2015

Ehibition Thankyou
Exhibition Opening Night

In Summary -

Nearly 100 guests attended the first exhibition at Facoryette 3 and the drinks and warm food went down well on what was a cold and stormy night. With over 100 artworks for sale many people bought something and most were interested in the background story behind their purchase.

The informal atmosphere and good company made for an enjoyable evening and the moulds, maquettes and public artwork on display provoked some lively discussion along with quite a few technical questions. The workshop made an excellent exhibition venue with just enough hanging space and without the formality of a commercial gallery.

Next time we'll try a warm summer night

JULY - 2015 JF

Oil Painting - Buckethead
Popular Boy - Workshop
You're Invited - Judith Forrest Studio Exhibition June 2015

You Are Invited -
19th June -2st June

After18 months, it is time to open the Factoryette door. Inside you'll find lots of new works for sale, including paintings, drawings and 3D pieces.

The exhibition runs from Friday 19th June 6 - 8pm and Sat & Sun 20th & 21st June 1-4pm. I would love to see you and an RSVP would be appreciated.

More information

JUNE - 2015 JF

Grahams Truck Perth Signs
Graham Perth Signs
Factoryette Handpainted Sign

Factory Facade -

The workshop facade is finally finished. The title deeds describe my place as a Factoryette so in keeping with the 1970's term the last step was a hand painted sign from Perth Signs.

Graham is surely one of the few remaining practitioners of this craft. He finished the job in about an hour and spent the drying time between coats checking out my paintings in the workshop.
If you need a sign I can recommend Graham over the printed vinyl sheets any day. He was really skilled, cheerful and nowhere near as expensive as you might think.

May - 2015 JF

Domestic Succulents
On The Mend - Mum Knows Best

Percent For Art -

A Percent for Art Project for the Sub-acute Care Unit & Day Therapy Garden at the South West Health Campus.

These artworks are designed to enhance well being by celebrating the capabilities of older Australians who were working and bringing up families during more austere times. The topics illustrate skills and practical experience which can only be gained over many years.

More information

April - 2015 JF

New workshop for Judith Forrest Artworks
New Workshop for Judith Forrest Artworks
A new permanent workshop for Judith Forrest Artworks

The Big Move -

Last March my joint lease on a Bibra Lake factory unit finished. After a dispiriting search for yet another bland concrete tilt up I found this 1970s workshop in Morley. Called a "Factoryette" on the title deeds, it has all the idiosyncrasies of the former owner with shelving, furniture and fittings to match its era. At last a real space to work in.

Watch this space for the official opening of FU2, coming soon!

May - 2014

Fiona Stanley Hospital Pulic Art - Title Lift
Fiona Stanley Hospital - Game
Pod - Fiona Stanley Hospital Public Art

Fiona Stanley Hospital -

While the new hospital is still closed to the public I was very pleased to receive special permission to return to the gardens and see how the sculptures and plantings were forming a landscape.

I won't consider this work finished until I finally get to see what the patients think of the "weird stuff" in the rehab garden.

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April - 2014

Bela Kotai Sculpture - Counterweight
Bela Kotai Exhibition Ceramic Sculpture
Bela Kotai - Counterweight Ceramic Exhibition


Helped Bela put up his installation at Central Gallery Tafe. A huge ceramic work of over 500 pieces. It's worth a look.

On show16th September to 4th October 2013 - GALLERY CENTRAL 12 Aberdeen St Perth, Western Australia

September 2013 - JF

Fiona Stanley Hospital Public Art - Game
Pod - Fiona Stanley Hospital

Fiona Stanley Hospital - PUBLIC ARTWORK

The last work has gone in at FSH (March 2013) - there are twenty one individual pieces so it's the end of a long job. I can't wait to see the plants established around these works.

March 2013 - JF

Sculpture @ Bathers Beach

I got a great location for this sculpture at Bather's Beach, seeing it silhouetted in the sunset was worth all the effort.

March 2013 JF

Sculpture at Bathers Beach
Bathers Beach - Sculpture